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Is Lizard Labs Legit?

Lizard Labs are one of the most legit suppliers in the RC industry. If you are looking for a trustworthy domestic vendor they are one of the best that you can find in 2020. From product availability, bulk discounts and prompt delivery they are highly recommended.


Is Lizard Labs Legit


The best thing that stands out about Lizard Labs is that they produce everything in house rather than importing their products from other suppliers. So you are buying directly from the lab. That is something that most research chemical suppliers can’t claim to do. Currently other suppliers are either purchasing in bulk from Lizard Labs and selling at a higher price or others are buying their stock from countries such as China and the Indonesia. It makes sense to buy directly from the producer because there is always the concern that resellers will cut the product before sending it to you. Some users on reddit have complained about this after sending samples for testing. We have personally bought from Lizard Labs on several occasions and sent samples to labs to be tested and every time we have been impressed with the purity.

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How to order from Lizard Labs?

The order process is pretty easy. They accept bank transfers for wholesale orders, western union, collection in store (Netherlands only) and bitcoin payments. Ordering with bitcoin is recommended for your privacy and a faster ordering process. For convenience the Lizard Labs website allows you to see if shipping is allowed to your country for specific compounds. There is also a stealth shipping option which is great, it gives buyers some reassurance that postal staff don’t take your order or mistake it for something else.

Which countries to they deliver to?

They have bases in the Netherlands and the USA and ship to most countries except the UK for example. Usually if you order from the US your order will be shipped directly from the US base. This saves a huge headache because the package doesn’t need to go through tedious customs delays.

The legality of research chemicals

Unfortunately the legality of each research chemical is always changing. It is always recommended to do your own research about the laws. However it is worth noting that trustworthy suppliers such as Lizard Labs tell you on their website which products are allowed or not. Recently their has been a blanket ban proposal in the Netherlands. This is not good news as most of the legit RC vendors and producers are based in the Netherlands. The country has always been regarded as being more open than other countries towards marijuana and other substances. Amsterdam is known for it’s infamous coffee shops.

What products do Lizard Labs sell?

First and foremost you will find the largest selection of legal research chemicals at Lizard Labs. If you are serious about buying high grade legal research chemicals Lizard Labs is the best choice. Products include 1P-LSD, ETH-LAD, ALD-52, Bromazolam, Clonazolam many of which are sold in different forms such as pellets, powders and blotters for your convenience

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